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Documentary photography

In my opinion, documentary photography should only be called documentary if you pursue projects for many, many years. I’m really lucky to follow not one, but two Dutch bands: Leeways and The Grand East.The last two years I’ve been travelling to a lot of shows, gradually becoming a part of the band’s family. It’s the only way to get to know the person behind the musician, revealing the band’s true personality and gain access to their real adventures.

Leeways is a Dutch reggae band, based in Arnhem. I started following them in 2015, in the period after they had won the Grote Prijs van Nederland. I’ve been travelling to a lot of festivals with them in 2015 en 2016. After a period of time, my focus changed from documenting their onstage live to their backstage life.

The Grand East is an upcoming Dutch rock and soul band, originally from Diepenheim in the east of Netherlands but currently based in Utrecht. Since the beginning of 2016 I’m documenting their concerts and their adventures, travelling with an old tourbus throughout Holland. I followed them during their Popronde shows, their first club tour “Movano Camerata”, named after their debut album. And I will continue to follow them during their second club tour late 2017.